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I praise you, God! you are great and almighty! You created this world, by the power of Your Mind. You created the universe, introduced laws that govern the world, and you keep everything that exists. You have made us as a part of your world, gave us life and the ability to feel ourselves and the nature around us, it is a great gift! Thank you.
You have given us the beginning of freedom of choice, and through this we often violate the laws of the universe, because we are often ignorant how to act properly. For this reason, come the rules of justice and retribution. But you, O God, who loves us, sent us a propitiation for our errors and forgiveness of our transgressions through your beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. He took away the sin of the world, that we should not undergo irreversible retribution.
Thank you for this salvation; Thank you, that by your mercy you is waiting our conversion from evil, when we should learn to follow your laws. Thank you that you heal mental illnesses acquired in consequence of false intentions and actions.
Let the true eternal life be opened in our minds.
Let Your protection and Your mercy accompany us. Save us from the evil and the destroyer; Bless, O God our families, our homes and our lands. Prolong the days of Your patience, so that we could know the laws of the universe and follow them from the heart.
And let be praised your name - Savior God, through our life, on this earth and in the world. Amen!

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